A Roleplaying Podcast

Scott - Dungeon Master

Creator of Skyrend and storyteller.

Chris - Veil, the Changeling Rogue

A.K.A Kara Frostfall, a.k.a. Lord Kraven Golddagger III. Veil is a member of the assassin's guild, The Denouement. As a Changeling, they are half human and half shapeshifter. Though they may pay lip service to Koram, the god of death and the undead, as part of their vocation, they do not consider themselves to be religious.

Nate - Master Darvin Grimm, the Human Monk

Darvin serves and trains in the Monastery of Koram, the god of death and the undead. He serves Koram by bringing death to those whose time has come. He joined the monastery at the bidding of his father for protection, but has since been a faithful follower.

Shannon - Arannis Grey, the Half-Elf Bard

A.K.A. "Grey the Great". Arannis found himself to be skilled in music at a young age. He studied the bardic ways at a local college, preferring a lute his father handed down to him after Arannis showed such promise. He enjoys playing in taverns and encouraging drunken revelry.